Guys just a quick question

How long does support usually reply? Based on your experience.

It can range from 15 days to 5 months.

I just happened to email support today about an IAP issue, it took them about 3 hours to respond so not bad. It also depends on when you email and what your issue is, since they will only be reading emails during their working hours

did they help you with it? And may I ask what time have u sent them an email.

Sent it at about 11 am EST, got a response at about 2 pm EST. They didn’t fix the issue since they needed more details which I gave. I assume they won’t respond until tomorrow though, due to time zones

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damn I feel like my emails are getting ignored even when DEV himself said that my issue is “top priority” feels bad.

Support is mixed on how you get a response if its a IAP based issue, then im sure a response will be quicker. Otherwise I think they see the message but if they respond it eat ups more of their time due to so many messages.

They don’t reply to the following.

  • If you have been SCAMMED in any way, we cannot give you new items. We will ban scammers if there is enough proof.

  • If you have LOST YOUR ACCOUNT and have not set up recovery email, we cannot unfortunately help you.

  • If you have SHARED your login details or downloaded some hacking program / MALWARE and so lost your account, we cannot help you.

  • If you would like to be a MOD, we are not accepting new applications at the moment. Mods are selected from trusted veteran players.

Smaller emails such as reports, wotw suggestions, etc also don’t require a reply. Otherwise just wait it out.

Well they haven’t replied to me for 2 years now. Im still waiting though. :slight_smile:

Patience is key :smiley:

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