Hacked Pet Question

I know there is now a hack that can rename pets and make named seem unnamed, but can you name evolved pets?

Probably a bad idea to test that out

Like if you buy a pet for gems and evolve it can you name it as its still unnamed

I think yes, you can name it in its evolved form

Oh k ty

as far as I know they are not actually unnamed but rather have a placeholder that shows an “invisible name”
anyways if you are not able to name a familiar already via evolving it you will not change something about it !

No, if familiar seems like unnamed but you can’t change name then you won’t able to change name after you evolve that.
This is probably bcs hacker set name length to zero but forgot to make name changeable

they change the name to illegal characters that due to them not being allowed won’t appear in the name and they can’t make a familiar completely lose the name to unnamed

Robert, idk but i saw tutorial on youtube where a guy removed it completely by changing name length and something else too. I dont want to drop it here bcs im not promoting hacking.

I have actually met a hacker today and i ask This question he said its as easy as changing the name.