Hacker hacked my lil bro!1!

My little brother was dropping his items to his world and then koksuhaisee appeared and then got his items (every item was in block and it was his world!)
My little brother had
Beach umbrella
Emerald wings
My little brother name is netherpuffet!
Im just sad :frowning: and i hope my lil bro get those items back bc he just bought those for irl MONEY!!!

He is quitting soon if he doesnt get wls back :frowning:

In what way? You aren’t allowed to directly buy items from other players for real money, the only way this is possible is if that player bought gems and then proceeded to buy those items/buy currency to buy those items


I mean he bought wls and with those hw bought umb and wings

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Naming and shaming is against the rules on the forums. Report this to support@kukouri.com or contact an admin. :wink:


Also admins don’t return items from hackers/scammers, it would make it seem that everyone could get their items back. Sorry your brother experienced this.


I just don’t understand why would someone use hacks to steal some pixels


Probably they sell the items for wls and then sell wls for $

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Just for a few cents?

You can just search it by urself.
I don’t recommend buying though.

It’s against the game rules, so there’s a good chance that you’d get found, and banned if you were caught engaging in it anyway.

I hate it when people call it “pixels”. They have value and can be sold so it isn’t useless

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no nme n shming bro aa.

For fun. It’s fun to steal other people’s hard earned valuables😈

And you can sell the items for currency, and then have more fun in the game :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:

Are we gonna gloss over the fact that he said he bought them for IRL?

You just don’t get hacked by playing the game. He might want to train critical thinking.
And buying stuff in a game for money is another form of critical thinking gone wrong.

I can’t verify any of this myself, but according to the community, a form of hacking known as ‘Ghost hacking’ has been happening a lot recently, where people can pick up items through walls, and blocks. If you notice what the OP of the thread said, it sounds a lot like these alleged hacks.

I suspect its a ghost hacking incident/telling or showing his password or downloading malwares. please report it to support@kukouri.com for more information into this. @Ghustie said there’s a rare chance that iap items can be moved to the new account but the stolen items cant.

Good luck

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Oh, I thought that the account got hacked. I guess you have to read between the rows to understand these posts.

Yeah, you do have to read between the lines for posts like these, even I have to admit that it was slightly difficult to read. I am pretty good at deciphering broken English though.