Hacker? In world PRO

This is a screenshot of PRO world. This block cannot be obtained. What is he doing there?

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It’s a bugged item. I’d seen another player or two have this.

Not really a bugged item, around 20 were given away by Jake when mining came out (I think).

Actually 4 were given away during an Xmas event hosted by Jake few years prior.

It’s tradable but there’s isn’t a way to get it unless you buy it from someone


what happens when block topaz is broken?

It breaks and you most probably get a topaz. Or it errors out because there are special checks for gemstone blocks which don’t account for a block being outside of MINEWORLD.

Nobody knows what does it ACTUALLY do, because it would be incredibly foolish to place a block of which only 4 exist in the game and which sells for millions of BC. Let alone destroy it. And no, recall magnets don’t work on the topaz block.