Hackers can steal your sword in stone btw


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wadaheck this was recent, oh wow they’re powerful now, lmao

Oh god they evolving again

Seems like Pixel Worlds is an easy target for these people

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found the guy

They glitched my donation boxes too

Ye the glitch box is happening for some time

lol they are a mutating virus and pw has no vaccine


I don’t accept there is nothing they can do .

The fix is coding, and I suspect a lot of work to do it. Which is why they haven’t dealt with it.

The way the game is going at some point this must be dealt with

What needs to be done is a player’s attributes - what they can and can’t do, what abilities they should or shouldn’t have need to be read by the game every time someone enters the next world they go to

In practice there is no graphics building nor any deep computations going on to do this so there should be no lag nor delay.

I would think all the items in the game already have unique id’s but this may need to be expanded to include abilities

So when set up if the game finds said attribute and/or ability it can’t account for (eg the current spam bots ability to float) it just doesn’t let them into the world . This could even apply to a pickaxe with too many lives or someone being able to triple jump with no wings!

This can be done, it’s code, anything can be done! It’s just they don’t want to allocate the time
It’s only reading data which in computing is nano seconds !

I’ve been stunned by what I read when I apply a spanner to some of these bots. Eg. A bot that can half float, the exact same one on different days but zero days old - this would be super easy for the game to check. It just shouldn’t get in … I have photos to prove this. This is just one small detail …

So I don’t accept nothing can be done that’s BS