Hacking Problems

I was worried, the hacked person gave me the password to his " hacked by someone " account, I accessed it and there was no bans ( BUT!! ) I knew a hacker took it all, ( SO I WAS WORRYING IF IT COULD EFFECT MY ACCOUNT OR OUTSIDE OF THE GAME ( aka my device ) Ty

Also this tab is for discussing hacking ( dont friking post " buy dis hacks " its not like that :confused: its for glitches and problems with the game ) ( PLEASE ANSWER MY PROBLEM IN TOPIC :frowning: )

are u saying that somebody gave u there password and you went in their account??

the " description " is solved ( ignore the " description " )

If your problem is solved what’s the point in this thread?

If I were you, I would not go into that account. It’s for safeness.

Also, why would you even would like into someone else account, and even knowing it was possibly hacked?

Just ignore the fact that you got the account information.

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Entering that hacked account is risky, specially when that account is banned and you’ve entered it.

Never use someone’s hacked account