Halloween needs to be changed

Halloween event is one of the most fun ones but a huge issue is that it is totally based on RNG. A lot of people got really rich by just being lucky, and this ruins the game in a way. A person can be working hours everyday for months to make 20PL and then someone who is playing the game for a few weeks or months can get a Legendary worth 20PL and make all the work the other guy did just become useless, just because of RNG. With a lot of the features in the game making you work hard to earn items, having an event that gives you an insane amount of WLs based on how lucky you are is absurd. In a way its similar to betting.

A way to fix this problem would be making the Black Tower event favor hard work rather than RNG. For example, the items released each week can all be purchased with Candy, instead of randomly appearing based on RNG. For example, Rares can cost 100 Candy, Ultra Rares 300 and Legendaries 999 each with them changing each week as usual. This means that people will earn their items based on skills and time put in rather than just getting rewarded by RNG for nothing.

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The unpredictability is all part of the fun. Blacktower is essentially a booster, of course there’s RNG involved. The nice guarantee for players who don’t win legendaries is the Halloween Candy at the top of the tower, that can be exchanged for some nice prizes.

This makes no sense. If you stacked on Candies the year before, you would be giving up that years Legendary to buy next years one. Either way you buy one Legendary, that years or the next. I don’t see how you can stack up on the Legendaries…

To be honest, I think the BlackTower is just fine as it’s right now.
Maybe they could add a pity system, as @Light was saying, that will grant you slightly increased rates to obtain a top tier (Ultra Rare & Legendary), and after you managed to get one of those top tier items with the slightly increased rates, the probabilities to obtain one again will drop to the default rates. [In this way, the probabilities will not always be constant].

There should be a pity system, but it should work differently.
Each time a player reaches the top of the tower, their chance of finding an ultra-rare, or legendary item increases slightly, but once they find, (and collect) the legendary item, their chance of finding one during that week resets to the base level. It shouldn’t apply to ultra-rare items, because at that point, finding one would be more of a punishment, thanks to items like the clown mask. Of course, the Black Tower would need to be balanced a little bit to compensate, maybe people with a similar chance get put in the same towers together, and the chance for a legendary is calculated from that, kind of like skill-based matchmaking in a shooter. That way, things would still be RNG based, but the RNG would start to play in your favor if you’re skilled, and complete a lot of towers.

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I remember FarmMiner requested a feature related to Black Tower.

When you complete and exit your 1000th Tower, you would get the current legendary as a exit bonus. (Resets to 0).

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I think they should incress the odds a little but

I think thats a bad idea because it makes the legendarys worth alot less i would like to see perm legendarys in the tower along with weekly changing legendary

Spirit Set, because I can’t really see how Spirit Weapons fits with the sets

It still has to be with luck otherwise everyone could get a legend ^^

There is no point having it guaranteed after 3 million gems because then lots of ppl would do that and it would be worth like 13pl not 20 if it was guaranteed after 3 million