Ham Radio Station

Since the only Active Radio is 100.0Hmz., What if us, Forumers use 98.0Hmz as In game Communication. I said it too in discord and Some are Interested.

Ingame Forum 98.0Hmz
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A secret MHz to communicate, I would want to communicate my radio. Finally a good use of a radio rather than seeing a lot of copy-pasted advertised worlds.

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Sounds like a great and fun idea! :smile:

Well, after all that was its purpose, wasn’t it?

Having only one active frecuency is kind of boring, becuase there often promote their Fishing/Lure Shops/ or other kind of worlds. A new frecuency chat channel would be great to have. :wave:

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Long time ago suggested Radio specified channels like this:

  • Fishing / Lures
  • Questing
  • Nethering
  • Secret base
  • Material trading
    Split 1 huge spam channel to several and u can see only 1 in world.
    Click warp world through radio so no need type @World name in txt
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