Happy pride month people

Just happy pride month to all the lgbt people lol

You are all valid no matter what month

It’s just that McDonalds will change their twitter icon to a rainbow for a month lol


It’s time to ban a surplus of toxic homophobes from PW, because they’re the people who make the community bad. It’s nice to pick off the scum of the game :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

The GMs are already getting pretty bad rn after pride hat got added to VIP spin…


Just rolled the pride hat, lovely to see Pixel Worlds representing people from the LGBTQ+ community. It’s unfortunate that some people have to go out of their way to be stupid.


To all the Pride Hat owners:
DON’T sell your hats to people.

You should know why, if you support it, don’t let them disappear to hoarders

Screenshot 2021-05-31 8.57.36 PM

thanks for clarifying


Comfrey is just an annoying rare sea creature


shut up gay person :slightly_smiling_face:

Me when i add an item for money :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

There is? Thats nice of the devs, I think i’d rather have rainbow wings tho :pleading_face:

Well this event certainly does make people show the worse of them and it’s a very great time for the mods to be more active since it’s gonna be on for a while

The smile :skull:

Pls put a spoiler on this, it made me sad

Pride month in a nutshell:

Woke brands trying to get more sales by trying to push a hollow agenda.

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me, a gay: can’t buy hat because it’s selling for stupidly expensive bruh.

this is literally a bruh moment


Literally? Then it must be serious.

Blissful Gay Day!

I’m planning to come out of the closet this month as a bi to my cousins.

Remember, being yourself is not something to feel small about, stand for who you are and never let anyone belittle you for your preference :rainbow_flag:


Learn the difference between a company finally showing they support it in a subtle way over calling them a money grab. It’s literally a prize from the daily bonus that anybody can use and get. The devs didn’t know what price the item was going to be, because back in the days every daily bonus prizes was no more than a single world lock.


Learn to think critically.

Apparently you can’t; that’s why nobody agrees with you.
Also, using that as your rebuttal to my comment is proof that you can’t

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I didnt make this post for people to argue on i made it so i can wish happy pride month to people lol