Harmless magnet *duplication* visual bug

This has been around since the magnet got added, I don’t know why it never got fixed:

All you do is magnet a storage block when using it(while using it empty). After magnet it gone but you still have the UI and putting items into the UI. It will duplicate the items put into the UI(must be single items{over 1 item doesn’t work also it must be tradeable}). Also a friend or alt account is needed to magnet the storage block.

the players involved in that dupe glitch should be permanently banned.
players will get stonks daily while i suffer, very unfair. this should be noticed.

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It’s just a visual glitch it means only the person who has the tie, can see the “duplicated” item. Meaning it can’t be traded I assume

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Purely visual glitch. Also, you don’t need recall magnet, you can just break the chest.

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if its visual then i m grateful

Whoa! I didn’t know that, so it was a bug since beta.