Have you experienced getting spyed?

recently, my friend uses alts to spy on me for no reason, its been a month since i see him being suspecious.

i mean, its ok to spy. but he does it daily for no reason, until the a point where i feel unconfortable and annoyed. i have no choice, i had to ban him.

have you experienced getting spyed ingame?


Strange. I think you should confront him. Hasn’t happened to me.


Seems like your friend is overly attached. How did you even know it was him and why does he need to be in an alt just to go to you…?

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hahah in my opinion thats pretty weird your friend would do that and no i have not expierienced that

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woah thats 3 reply’s in 30 seconds i started replying with no reply’s yet but then boom when i finish typing there are 2 others

i know the alt is him, once he is on. he uses an alt to visit, even if im in a 10-letter he still can spy on me.

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im trying to tell him to stop, hes too shy to use his main account to just check on me somehow. i didnt do anything…

Just turn off your status or unfriend him if you want to… :+1:t2:


im not that rude, im still trying to convince him to use his main ccount, we talk but only pm.
thanks for the advice.

It’s not really considered rude if you unfriend them since they won’t listen to and is making you feel uncomfortable in the first place but you do you.


1NB4 left me creepy message today to my guestbook: “I’m spyng when owner is offline;)”
(I’m just kidding ofc) but message in guestbook is real…

To solve this, spy on him too…

lmao its just a joke man, dont take it so seriously.

he closed his location and i dont even know how to close mine.

I got spied a lot. People tried to blackmail me lots of times.
Say something wrong and that’s it.
I got used to it.

And btw , if you want to close your location , go to your friendlist and make the “Own location : Visible” to “Own location : Hidden” , and then re-enter in any world and it will say “Unknown”

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thats even worse, have you reported them?

never knew about this, thanks for this!

Nah , I didn’t report anyone since mods aren’t going to do something , so its just a waste of time.

its blackmailing, of course they are going to check on it. that is very dangerous.

Lmao I even said “just kidding ofc” if u read whole reply…