Have you seen the all-new BC store?

It now has a block form:
You can buy almost everything on there with BC, as long as others are selling it, not just items that were picked by admins.

Isn’t it a much better upgrade to the BC store? You can get almost everything on there now!

Bytecoin store was meant for selling items that are hard to find or are way too expensive to afford.

But the only people who add them to there are the admins, which is highly inefficient. Also, there is the Orders feature on PWE.

you know most of the stuff there are requested by the community right?

and it’s also a way to bring new stuff without needing a whole update and making it complicated, they never said it’s a version of pwe

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The admins still get the final say about what gets on there.

not exactly, if you have a proper reason and price for an item to be added then it will be added

they even made a whole channel for it in discord with a template for request

Yes, but considering that people keep getting banned from the Discord for little-to-no reason, most people do not have access to it.

this server got like 19k members with only few of them active chatting, most of the other members use the market channel or bcs request channel so there isn’t any reason to ban these people

basically people seen at these 2 channels are never seen in the chatting ones

I tried to stay away from ondrashek threads because they make me experience mental agony sometimes but I have to say
I’m fully convinced Ondrashek loves complaining about everything ever!


Dude, orders take a while to fulfil, some things can be way too expensive on PWE, and there’s so much more factors. And no, items aren’t picked by admins but the community. Stop complaining, shut up, and CONTRIBUTE TO SOCIETY FOR ONCE

It’s like talking to wall


From what I’m aware Jake is also okay with people requesting byte coin store items in the comments of his social media posts too.

typical ondrashek post.