Have your friend quitted?

my friend never quit but did your friend quit the game?
maybe one of my friend. offline for 2 months
idk where is that guy now
sad if your friend quit

Why would my friends quit when I have none :troll:

Yea i am quitting every night and coming back morning

I feel like an a##hole for not remembering my first friend’s name. Don’t know if he/she/it Quitted or not.

lol how many times you coming back XD

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There was this guy I met on november 2018 on the old forums. I met him since we were participating on the same drawing contest back then, and I coincidentally met him on TRADE and added each other. We did a few nether runs and built a few worlds and I became pretty good friends with him.

Ever since then, we followed each other on instagram. We used to talk to each other everyday through dms if we can’t go on PW. He was really awesome to talk to and we’d talk for hours.

He’s 18 now and I think he got tired of the game, he also said that he needs to focus on university.

Having him leave makes me feel empty without him, he was my only best friend. It’s already been months since we’ve last talked and things are just not the same but I’m slowly trying to get used to being alone now.

I still have him on my friends list and followed on instagram hoping he’ll log in again one day.


so sad story so sad :cry:

Oh i my Friend quitted few weeks Ago…
He was my best Friend in game of all time
We talked about everything… in clan chat till to one
Unlucky when he quitted. Im still really sad that he quit forever.
I miss Him alot. I havent met that Nice guy as Him never before in pw.
Soo now Im kinda lonely and tring make Friends here since game went Boring after
He quitted. We still talk some on discord… But its not Same thing.
I hope i never forget Him.

Yes I think, this player helped me allot during my first week in Pixel Worlds know I dont see him online so sad.

Yeah my friends are inactive (most likely quit but idk). The only ones who go on are Retnos, Celics, and one old friend of mine. I made 2 new very active friends recently though. IMO having friends is one of the reasons to log in to PW

Im very active in the game add me my world is Sam_Daniel.

Checking it out rn

I cant buf we can do it right now.

uhh i guess so, pw is boring

Are you bumping old threads? Isn’t this thread like 1 year old ._.

Yes this post was posted last year

By the end of the month atleast one more person I know will quit

half my friendslist is people i knew in lockdown 2020 that quit the game. a quarter quit in 2021-22 and like 10 people still play everyday

I had this friend named Catoid. She was really nice, helped me get through hard times. I helped her built some of a parkour, but after she quit. Never saw her online after that.

Maybe. But i might aswell quit because its getting boring and i dont see hope for anything new