Hello Fellow Humans

im back on Forums! i really love the new theme, forums in general confuses me as usual but il get used to it


Welcome to forums! I hope u have @Fun :grin:

heyyyy fazeus nice profile picture fam

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oh wow hi fun my clan leader hows it going :smiley:

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hey man you should earn more XP :rofl: i demoted you for now :rofl:

oh yeah sorry im gonna grind tomorrow my pc was broken last week

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ah alright man no need to be sorry😁

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Well, welcome back to the forums @Fun! Have a nice time here. :smile:

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Welcome back @Fun. How’s your day today?

pretty normal and u?

oh yeah welcomee @Fun i saw your ig lol

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Hello there, your so Funny. Welcome back to the new forums!

Thanks man (il add this random thing cuz it doesn’t let me send it less than 20 letters .___.)

Actually, you can use dots to escape 20chars,
try adding 10-15 …'s but don’t spam.

Welcome back to the forums!

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Thank you🐨 . . . . . . .

pretty good…

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Hello Welcome to forum.

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Also, what happened to WEHELP? It somewhat looks griefed

its taking a 2 years break