Help, a hacker took my items

Hey there , my in game name is serxan
My discord is Serxan#0001
So a few days ago , i was in world trade, i saw a guy selling dark sprite wings . I offered him my bpwr and more wls , he accept but i couldnt put all of them in trade section so i called him to a random world , i put wl and closed the door. Then he asked me if its possible for me to do dsb+ more wls , i said no its not my item. I started dropping my bpwr armor , and he randomly took it with hacks , im pretty sure the door was closed. Then i went to instagram a lot of people posting about him that this guy is hacker. His in game name was GuessImBack, you can check the logs that i dropped bpwr armor and he took it.

I will also put the instagram links that people posting about him, i wrote bout this to support but got no answer , i dont want to lose my 10 pl item which i worked hard just to a random hacker

i contacted support but no answer.

I think the guy might have gotten out of the world before you could block it, and then visually made himself look like he was at the exit portal but he was actually outside. So to be safe you should kick him and then when he comes back he can’t scam you.

no bro i entered world before him and blocked , he even left the wordl and entered again after i put block , my wifi works good

oh, that is some serious hacking then…

It’s honestly ridiculous how much hackers are going to do to profit… The best way to avoid this is to stop world trading altogether…

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same as gt, but only the unlucky gets scammed

its possible that the hacker hid something like a checkpoint or so, or prob a hack that thedevs shall fix it.

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Censor the hacker’s name btw
(That’s still naming and shaming i guess)

Sorry to say this, but you won’t get your items back.
If the admins or mods get some in-game proof of him hacking then he/she’ll be banned.

But yeah, sorry about you loosing such expensive items

PWE time oh yeah woo yeah

Just resend the email every 48th hour. Does this count as naming and shaming?

i actually got in a situation like this during 2018

it was a pink umbrella + some other items that got scammed

and i got temp forum banned on the old forums for flame war and snitching the hacker right after because “it was my fault”

if you’re going to world trade, make sure you enclose yourself with 2-3 block wide walls on all sides
then you can drop your items and trap them with blocks

a door ain’t going to stop a hacker, it’ll only disconnect them right after they steal the items.

i watched a video on PW hacks and they probably used a speed hack + noclip hack

support is pepega they don’t help their clients/customers/consumers

I honestly doubt that it has anything to do with checkpoint. The way checkpoint works is that when you die due to traps, then you will respawn back to the latest checkpoint you tapped previously. If you commit suicide (respawn menu button), you will be sent back to the entrance portal.

Assuming what the TS said to be true—he has blocked the entrance—there should be no way that he is able to gain access path and somehow manage to steal back the items. Although I doubt this is a hacking case, it is definitely seem to be leaning in that direction.

I never understand why it would be wrong for an honest player falling victim to a scam to call out the scammers. It’s somehow saddening that a victim has less rights than a criminal.

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i only made them as prefrences, i already knew its a hack beause of the quote

but there may be some reasons too, like

  • the owner [hacker] did something to the world, then called the victim to go [VICTIMPW]
    and is asked to get the lock–close the door and drop the items, then respawned and tooked the items.

  • the hacker has 200000000iq that he can clearly teleport.

  • something was hidden to the dropping area

Not really, i called the (hacker) to a random world and went before he did, then closed doors , he came to world , left and enter again but the doors were already close. I dropped and boom he took n leave

I was scammed using hacks in a similar way in 2017 or 2018. The way I was scammed was somehow the player hacked to make it look like he was at the door, but according to devs he was invisible right beside me, and when I dropped an item in the world to sell, they picked it up and left.

i cant explain that, its a serious hack that should be fixed by the devs before they’ll even try to dupe items