Help me become famous!

I’m Waffle (wafflelord122) and I want to be famous because that sound like a good idea :P. First person to reply to this gets 2k bc when the break is over.

Bully manry, Uh oh where was I?
To get famous just do good things like hanging out on the forums and discord server and be nice and if you get banned, well, you’ll get famous in a bad way. Help other players, don’t do illegal things IRL/iG, ya know overall, it’s not about getting famous it’s more about being popular and respectful.

But the best way? Youtube.
Make profit videos until your channel reaches oblivion and then switch on to the other types of videos.

No I don’t want the 2K bc just give it to 2 random newbies, 1K to each guy.

Okay lmao. Thank you for the advice! I will find 2 noobs in pixelstation then.

Yay! :grin:

Am I famous?
  • Yes
  • No

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People who strive to make fame a goal are usually inevitable to become corrupt


Eh it’s not necessarily something I really want just the easiest way to be a mod. This game is way corrupt and messed up and I believe I can help change that. Or Siethy. He is more expirianced though.

As Siskea said, popularity isn’t what gets you mod.
I.e. Luucsas.
Announcing you want to become a mod obliterates your chances, and nobody wants a mod who thinks the first choice of action to becoming a mod is to announce that you want to be famous. You’re no better than the rest.

Okay! Enjoy flexing your opinions, and thank you for the feedback!
I am using fame to show I am trustworthy.

“flexing your opinions”
I’m simply telling you how it is, as someone with as much experience as Siethy. The passive aggressiveness isn’t helping your case either.


In NO WAY does fame dictate your trustworthiness, where do you think the trope came from where people assume famous people are corrupt or have dark secrets? Do you have the slightest idea how many people use fame to abuse their power? Once again, you prove to us that you are not suitable for the mod position and only makes it look like you have hidden motives


A proper mod is always willing to listen to someone’s opinion :slight_smile:


I am sorry, I did not realize that that was passive aggressive. I apologize also if I have hurt your feelings or offended you in any way. In my mind I was thinking that if more people got to know me then they would realize that I am trustworthy. Thank you for your time. -Waffle.

Just saw this. Read my message! :slight_smile:

Just know this is what many people with facades say to others all the time.
If all it took to become a mod was trustworthiness, everyone would be a mod. The only offensive thing is thinking it’s that simple.

This is my last response.

I don’t think its simple. Thank you, and good day!

Maybe I will just apply for mod since I no longer play and have no inner circle to make myself corrupted.

I thought you said you were done with this game… Huh, interesting. Welcome back

I am done. But I would not mind coming back to help put a decent dent into the rule breakers in the community.

Good luck, but from what I’ve experienced players who come out of nowhere just to try and become a mod don’t have much luck. But yeah things are going downhill lol

also I might add that inner circles aren’t always the root of corruption, it’s usually the person themselves (To clarify, I’m not talking about you)

I did not come out nowhere exactly. I been here and there. Basically my computer acts like windows 95 if you know what I mean. So I can only play pixelworlds without my computer restarting. Fun times. I totally get the going downhill part. I hear all about it from siethy. lol