Help me with my acount

Pls help me i forgot my password acount
Help me mods

Hello! If you have an email connected to your account, you can press the Forgot Password button on the login page. Otherwise, if you’d ever made an ingame purchase, you can check the receipt and send the receipt to and maybe they’ll recover your account.

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The fact that you still think that email still works💀, most of the people I know from pw claim that kukori ignores the whole email thing and won’t do anything, even I myself have tested it out (well yeah they say that they wont send anything back) but they still don’t care and it’s pretty obvious!

I would like to change the name of the account, because when I created the account I was very young. And now when I look at my nickname, I am very ashamed.

I’ll tell you the problem: I want to change my nickname in the game

If possible, I can prove that the account is mine

little information about the account

nickname: ninjabosspro


I can prove more, but everyone can see it.

I would like a nickname in the game: mikmaikiYT

You cannot change your name and that’s the end.

The new name you want has YT in it
Are you a youtuber?