Help on Rusted Locks

So to my amazement and very annoyingly I’ve resurrected a group of locks I’d let go rusty :rage::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::rage::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::rage::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Is this normal ?

Here’s what happened i have a series of worlds i plan to show (from another world) which show some of the rusted worlds I’d found this year

One of them had this structure in to cut a long story short i moved the spawn so no one could break them …

This world is what gave this idea, i decided to recreate it’s form on the other side

All went to plan and the locks rusted after 90 days

Now i went back in with my special character created for this and one other plan i have …

I noticed it could still operate the lock , as in apply a spanner - open /close, give rights etc…before I left last night all was still rusty

This morning i go to excitedly show another player … Did you know this …

When I find all the locks have come back to health !

This was going to get better blocks but other than that …nothing more

I’ve visited many times with regular accounts

So is it that I used the spanner or would this happen anyway ?

Sadly I can’t find a pic of them rusted but I can promise you they were .

decayed* locks get restored (but still kept on a public setting) when the person who has placed them logs-in game
newbie locks are the only type of lock to not get restored

Antonis that’s a revelation to me!..

So the several worlds where I have locks on the spawn but rusted ones in world would restore if ever those players came back to the game

Are you sure ?

Also that means you could place a 100 small locks in a 100 worlds they could all decay but would restore if you signed in??

That I don’t like .


I can work around this for my lock game plans by creating endless new characters but it seems a bit daft

even if you have 4.000 worlds , if you log out for just enough time they will decay and when you return they will be restored, others will not be able to break them but they will be able to put their locks around them
also clan locks function differently

Thanks for the replies

I really thought once they died no coming back!

They didn’t restore whilst i was there

I’ve moved spawns 3 times now to get it out of a large group of locks…

It’s most likely they wouldn’t come back but hei who knows. …

Would also explain some other odd stuff ive seen to do with locks

From now on I shall break all singular locks, I often leave them because Im at 500+++ locks now, but the original owners don’t deserve them back … Maybe I’ll get shot down for saying it but “Play or be gone with you i say”

Personally I don’t agree with it, in my mind even WLs last too long … Players signing in once a year to keep them alive is stupid

I’ve actually got a world with a series of portals each inside decayed SLs (all reprogrammed of course)

Sad to break them but if needs must

A pic for posterities sake :joy:

I still think players finding rusted locks should have the option to take them - not to use but treat them as though they were items/trophies/etc even trade them

In no way be able to reactivate .

Once removed be able to place the now unusuable rusted lock in your own place/world

Can you imagine the value of a rusted platinum lock!

The only one I’ve never found … one day I will

dude what

  1. using the entrance portal mover costs more than the locks themselves
  2. these locks are not trophies either currencies

I don’t care about a few gems on a spawn move

You didn’t get what i meant .

It was a what if …

  • wouldn’t it be good if rusted locks stayed that way and could be taken by lock hunters as items … ?

Call em trophies if you want . My comment on platinum locks was merely about if this was possible a rusted platinum lock would be worth more than a new, unbroken one

I get it when some say certain worlds have history and should be preserved …

Others are madly arranged ! Some of mine i can’t fathom what the maker was thinking LoL

Let alone all the ones with multiple locks in

I know you have a few worlds in fact we even share interest in one !.

no it would not?
anyone would be able to make them and why would you want the worlds of others to be able to get stolen even if they return?

Anyone? Platinum locks? I don’t think so

Plus WL would need to be left for a whole year …

Some would do so but not many

It would be easier to find em in the wild

I find 2 or 3 locks every single day … actually I’ll rephrase that I place that number everyday, i find more than that … I also do not leave a lock on some random/obscure name … I live in the real world - they are worthless

i do not understand anything you are trying to say

As for decayed locks returning to health ?

It’s easy - take the ability for them to do that away

I’m quite blown away today to find that out

It’s a stupid system

The game needs players in it … It’s not rocket science … it may even bring a few of em back . If they don’t want to contribute anymore there’s always “play store” for whatever else floats their boat!

ok if that’s the case i dont think it would bother you to give me all of your items if you dont log-in for 14 days

14 days ? That’s a bit short.

Look if the rules said WLs 6mths (or even 3 !!) Would it stop me playing ? No

All new players wouldn’t know any different. Nor would they care .

So if I went beyond that time , then it’s my loss

I :100:% believe that leaving doors unlocked, gaps in walls, spaces unprotected, broken locks etc is all negligence by the player - so if they lose our from it that’s just the way it is .

We have chests, safes, doors, locks for a reason

Ive seen some refer to that as scamming - they are wrong … That’s a whole different thing

but do you understand that the lock automatically opens and remains open when it decays

It actually doesn’t once you relog

Yeah I noticed that ,

Ok it means if the original owner can’t reach to “spanner” it then its always open

Thing is do I want to look at someone elses unbroken lock ?

Err No.

I have another on some butterflies including a Rare … Which i only pulled last week - lock is still reachable if XP is high enough that I shall get rid

dude , the lock gets repaired but it does not lock the area until the person that placed it adjusts it

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