Help plese

Hi uh It’s me you’re not favorite Moose, and I’m here today with a HUGE problem. I lost ALL of my motivation to play Pixel Worlds and I want to play it. Any tips? This is a serious thread, and no Idc if you spam this thread.

Well… heyyy have you ever tried to hunt for some decay worlds or do some parkour? It’s a pretty fun thing to do in my opinion…

Also you can do what i’m doing these days that also @Mindaw is doing which is to hangout with players or friends to talk about stuff.


I have been thinking of finding a group of people to chat with via VC while playing PW. It gets pretty boring and annoying to type all the time in chat. I doubt any activities would completely make you engaged with the game and routine wouldn’t set in quickly.

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Tbh. forcing yourself into playing pixel worlds while knowing you wouldnt enjoy it will not do you any good. Best thing you can do is either find something else to do or as Vaikas said you can VC with someone


Pixel Worlds players always focus on PW only. There’s thousands (if not millions) of other games/experiences in steam, epic games store, Microsoft store, Nintendo eShop, PS Store, App Store, Google play store, etc. Don’t only focus on the game you’ve played the most, enjoy gaming in general and then you’ll realize that pw isn’t all there is

On a side note,

Try do some achievements, make troll videos or play with friends.

If none of those help you then i don’t know what to do. try new stuff outside of pw like cooking or gardening

When I had nothing to do, I usually dreamed about building some worlds. You could try to design some worlds, not for WOTW but just for fun, you and friends I guess?
Wiring also can be fun, you feel as if you made an invention when you made something that works.
You can try to create your clan, you can also try to complete all achievements.
Playing just for profits is boring…

The only problem is when you have to buy blocks D:

What if you’re a poor player tho

i have stopped playing this game and made my presence very limited. i don’t have anything holding me to this game other than forums really (which has always been my main platform). for me, pixel worlds has held a bigger part of my life than i’d like to admit, but i’m OK with not playing anymore.

this is what i do everytime i play pixel worlds, and it was kinda boring to play parkours on pw

Just play another game that you think is gonna entertain you.

Never force yourself to play a game if you are bored of it. Just take a break and try other games.