Help to know my trade history

Need to know my trade history

That’s never been disclosed by the game.

If you consider personal trades (as in not PWE) I suspect that without a very time consuming manual check it’s impossible to know.

Does anyone know if there is even an in house log of PWE trades?

In short you have no chance

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As he said, That’s not information that’s disclosed with the players of the game, and such trade / anii transactional historii is onlii visible by admins in console or logs or whatever.

YOU… or rather, WE as players, will never have access to that.

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How do I get contact with admin.

look buddy, there’s no chance you’re getting to know your trade history. And if you have some other reason, just contact support.

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Why is this bug still not take it away if you click information about something it Drops the item, dat bug make me lose My real gun i clicked an information any Drop the item can someone help.

I think it’s a problem with your phone or something. And there’s a confirm drop (the one where you select how many to drop) menu too?

It’s not only one item

And my phone is new it’s nothing wrong with the phone

You could probably do something such as requesting any data collected. Don’t know if admins really read emails anymore though, and I got no idea if such data packet would include trade logs

This player needs to let this go

Just be clear PW is not run with some massive amounts of staff
In fact almost the opposite there is almost no one there .

Customer service department? Forget it. This is not Minecraft nor Brawl Stars

So can you move on now