Help with Crafter Achievement

By far, this is the only achievement that I have not touched AT ALL. Any idea on which blueprint would be the cheapest to finish this achievement?

Tiki mask or the glimmer necklace.

The alien orb is the cheapest and easiest blueprint to finish

I can give you a blueprint for free to make

I did this one using shogun shoes back when they were like 12,000 gems or so. Guess that’s not viable anymore and frankly had I not this achievement would’ve taken much longer. I suppose alien orb is cheapest to complete as well as provides a decent return, although next time a PWR is in season assuming you’re willing to get 1,250,000 gems for it, would probably be the best gems -> wealth conversion.

Is the space warrior chasis also viable? Or is alien orb by far the cheapest?

Space Warrior Chasis needs a legendary shard that I forgot which one, maybe the nether shard.

Do alien orb
I get my first stara of the achivement maybe 2 months ago
Well my friend gave me that

Alright then, thanks for the help guys!

It’s either Alien Orb or Glimmer Necklace. I crafted 5 Glimmer Necklace to finish that quest way back 2018.