Heres an idea i had. I call it a nether heart, it's a wall decoration you can buy from the nether store for 800 gems. When hit you can turn the light on and off


Why is the title…
??? :swan:


longest title in the forums for now, its a good new-light prop. should be colored red if it shines.

Lol you shouldn’t make the title what you want the actual post to be

and also about the art it looks very jumbled and not much like a wall light just a random mess of colours I don’t really understand what you were trying to draw

The picture was quite messy for me, so I decided to make on in my own too:p
I call this “Nether Lamp”

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That is sweet! Way better then mine.

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I prefer yours, honestly. It fits in more with the dilapidated style of the Nether, and it creates depth too.
(Your idea is still really cool though, Fazeus.)