Hey guys I made a new video spending 1000 mining coins, check out the video!

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this is crazy i cant say anything cuz i cant afford 1milion gems lol

why aren’t you an influencer?

Being blunt, he doesn’t deserve it.

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Lazy and boring content, who would watch this

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Have you seen what he’s doing with the streams? It’s really dishonest, and people are being exploited by it.

20 minutes of a wheel being spun + NCS, anyone who dares to watch this for its full length would probably lose their minds.


Because he bought some subscribers and posts pre-recorded video loops and pretends they’re livestreams so he can gain more subscribers.

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two live streams in one. please.

The Fortnite one is just a single match looped, and he’s constantly plugging his social media pages, and asking for donations.

He’s essentially scamming people with it, by telling them that, if they become a member, and add him as a friend, he’ll gift them the battlepass, and everything in the item shop.

If these guys are true then consider your video a fraud, gaining subscribers consists of hard work and making your viewers happy. not by buying it.

yes i saw his video, making fake lives subcribe so i can play among us and the live is in loop