Hey! Im Blu

Hello I’m new to this forum. Well actually I used the old forums back in the day. I started this game in 2016 and seen alot of great new stuff added to the game. Most of the old players and my friends have quitted, but I’m still having fun playing this game. Hope you have a great day! :slight_smile:

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Your name is Blu, but your profile picture is about as red as humanly possible, and I’m terrified by that.
Welcome! :flushed:


Yeah I actively used the old forums, glad they revamped it.

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im blu da ba dee da ba daa

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Heyyy Blu! Long time no chat!

Welcome to the forums, Blu :exploding_head:

mm i sure love it when everyone knows that i deleted a post

Oh hey Tyler! :smiley:

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I used to have that on my IG Account? :flushed:

Thank you! My name was not Blu in the old forums heh.

About time you joined mate

Nice to know you Blu!