Hide And Seek!

i really dont know if this is suggested before, but i think having a hide n seek game in pw would be good

A world like HANGAR owned by commander_k ,will be our lobby. And we can enter the hide n seek game with the portal in that world.There’ll be random worlds with buildings and etc , and our pixelian will transform to the block or the prop we choose , like hide and seek in minecraft


I think you meant Prop Hunt

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It has been suggested before tho but at lest your making the suggestion alive,

I actually like this. You have a time to hide. moving slowly will get you caught. You need to punch the blocks in order to catch the hiders.

Reminds me of a game (not mc)

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Sadly I don’t think there will be any H&S in pw.

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Interesting idea! I’d like to see more fun mini-games inside the game. :smile:

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Reminds me of minecraft