How do I check when my blacklist expires?

Turns out that when I was muted from the forums for 1 day for “too many moderation posts”, I also got blacklisted for 6 months from getting the regular rank.

Where do I check when my blacklist expires, or where do I appeal it?

How do you know you got blacklisted???

Because I found documentation that if you got banned or muted in the last 6 months, you are blacklisted from getting the rank.

You don’t need to appeal everything :man_facepalming:

You probably can’t appeal it, just wait.

Well deserved mute if you’d ask me.

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Hell no, 6 months is a bit too long.

I think it’s not appealable.

especially when you actually deserved this mute lol


Take it like a man and admit your wrong.

Why did I deserve the mute?

because you were probably spamming or bringing up drama, you got muted for a reason.

Because you constantly spam topics.

Okay but when does my blacklist expire??

after 6 months since you got muted obviously.

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the blacklist will end when it ends

But that is when???

I don’t know when you got muted lol

Today + 6 months

I wasn’t muted today.

then do That day + 6 months lol

Waiting half a year for a 1-day mute to be completely cleared is unacceptable. Heck, even roblox devforum has their strikes expire after 3 months.