How do I make a fishing world?

I was thinking about building a fishing world for some time now and I recently got a good named world for a fishing world, meant for butterfly fish but I’ll make it for butterfly fish and goldfish. Can I just go ahead and start building it or do I need to know some stuff first? I know that I need depth info for it, but do I need to know anything else?

Help would be much appreciated.

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probally see other fishing world it needs props to make butterfly fish just see others fishing world, and need rod upgrade,fish barrel, tournament board, pwe terminal, you also need 5 to 10 fish barrel
it needs design as well
don’t make really weird (don’t even use soil)
use platforms,blocks,fishing props,etc
give orb to the world
(no need weather globe)
give some tips put lure in display case to know if this was good for butterfly or tuna
idk about depth try seeing other world it have depth
you need decoration, portal for know depth, probally the fish barrel near to the players
try global message as much as you can for more rating so your world popular
important: unique name, props, do not use soil to make fishing world , REMEMBER PUT THE SPECIAL ITEMS
(and need rod upgrade,fish barrel, tournament board, pwe terminal, you also need 5 to 10 fish barrel)
you can make lure shop at the top
making fishing world need so much platinum locks
put music

here some tips for the sign:

  • the best lure for the fish species
  • tell what the fish species for the world

the portals need the depth example: portal 1 is depth 12 etc
good luck <3

Thank you very much.

Does that mean fill the entire world with water? I’ve seen some fishing worlds like that, but is that necessary? Does that add benefits to fishing or it just looks better?

not fill the world with water try an example in fishing world like tunah or tunaz try just put the water but change the props

more water faster strike

I finished the world.
I made it a bit unique by making it a cart/pot world too, if it’s summer then the ice carts will spawn inside the stairs because 6 spaces isn’t enough. The world has 7-8 depth for butterfly fish and 9-10 depth for goldfish. I will change grass to some other props. What do you guys think, is this world good or needs some fixing before I start building it?

I have a world that I found that has a very good name the name is JOIN_AND_BUY.

Cool world man whats name I just got my superior bamboo rod that I lost because of a bug.

You don’t need to reply to a 12 month old thread that has essentially been concluded, it’s called necrobumping.

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