How do I play this game on pc?

I have search on steam on Google and it looks like this now or is it I using a old version!? Or is it even right doing, I have doing?

Have you tried the Microsoft store?

No but do u know how I install chrome? On the pc?

Have I doing it right or not or is it I have old version of the internet?

Can someone help me please?

You should be able to get it here. If you don’t have Steam, you might need to create a Steam account there first, and I would advise you to also download Steam itself.

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But it is something wrong on the Pic because when I Go in on that u send here it looks different then in the Pic but is it because of I still use internet explorer? But how do I do to install chrome?

You can download Google Chrome here.

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How do I do on the pc then? But can It was because of that? The site looks so weird because I still use internet explorer?

Are you on a cromebook?

No! I’m not using Chromebook!