How do you find the nether boss

i mean, the event says i have to scroll to find one but i dont see one. how do you even spawn one?

random chance spawn, hope the stars are aligned in your favor

Pray to RNGesus before popping a scroll, for only he shall show you the truth and light within the deep dark world of random number generation. . .

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The Nether Mini-boss has a random chance to spawn in a Netherworld

i use my byakugan to see😂

Yes totally rng
One spawned in a past run and i just watched my teammate kill it lol

its risky, specially if your found the boss and all of your teammate already died.

thanks for the replys, ill be using 1k scrolls starting today.

pls help me rnglord

Nether boss streams every Thursday on Twitch. You’ll probably find him there.