How do you get steam hat?

idk how to get steam hat
(if this limited item probally i delete it… :O)
the hat looks like the Balthazar Cavendish in milo murphy law

it was purchase able, from the shop for Steam only users when the PC version first came out. It has since been removed.

do you think those hats will rise?

You could only buy 1 per account but I don’t think they will rise very quickly as to my knowledge many people made alts to buy more.

I see, im intrested on buying these once steampunk update gets relased.
at first, i thought you were saying steam players can still buy it now.

where you got it?
from shop wearables
or other

Steam Hat Wearables Section.PNG
As you can see (or can’t, the image has a really low resolution), the Steam Hat was in the Wearables Section of the Shop, costing 1250 Gems.
(The image is from an old YouTube Video I found, click the picture to watch it.)

If you want the steam hat now, then you’ll need to purchase it from another player.