How does the forum view system work?

i’ve been quite puzzled how the view system works, like when you see it the first time then visit the post again does it give another view, some posts reach thousands of views, and theres only like 30-40 active users, or is it when you visit it one time that counts as 1 view and if you visit it again it counts 0 more, does anybody know?

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I am rather confused with the view system as well.

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what view system

i don’t see any views


Why doesn’t it show up on mobile

I think it might be for every view, not limited to 1 per user.
Same with YouTube videos, one user can get a video 100 views if they click and let the video load 100 times.


Are you sure about that?

Yes, I am.

You’re showing a different page.

Just go on a topic and click the arrow button on mobile and you will be able to see the views count

Anyway, it doesn’t show up where it shows up on PC.

I mean when you are on this screen on mobile, it’s won’t shows the view count

But once you are here are click the arrow where it’s shows the replies, you will be able to see the views count

Yes, I know, but I was pointing out that it doesn’t show the views here

Not here

Yea… the only way to see the views count on mobile is by clicking on the thread and look