How long did it take you to get your first world lock and how did you get it?

Since im bored on PW and found out the forums exists, i want to just know how the community got their first World Lock and how!

Probably just about 2-3 days in 2017, I farmed BBB since it was cheap and I rated tons of worlds to finish an achievment that gives gems

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It took me like 3 weeks back in 2016 and I farmed magic stuff. A lot.

I don’t remember how long it took me but I got my first world lock from a quest

i think my first world lock was by farming CCB back in 2017 i think

I think I did a parkour world that had a prize worth like 3wls. this was when people made parkours for fun not for profit.

I think mine took about a week because back then there was no real good way to earn gems other than farming Magic Stuff.

I got my first World Lock the same day I started to play. I just farmed a lot of Magic Stuff until I had 3.500 gems in order to buy one from the shop. :smile:

hmm yeh a few days after i started

Breaking magic stuff with a microphone and buying wl from the shop

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Nether. Just Nether.

I’m pretty sure that’s also how I managed to get my first world lock. I definitely didn’t manage to get one on my first day of playing though, as I didn’t even like the game when I first made my acount.

Tooked me an hour to get 1 Single World Lock.

Farming Grass XD, AHAHA

I got it in first day from farming lava

Now that you mention it, I think I might have got my first world lock from farming grass, not magic stuff.

ahahaha, break & harvest until you buy world lock is so fascinating XD , ahahahah. way back then, when you just created a world and the world is totally plain with no trees in it.

Thinking back on it, new worlds were really basic. They were completely flat and undecorated. The only interesting thing about new worlds before they were updated was the different blocks you could find underground, like obsidian, marble and lava. Now they have gem soil, trees, water and small caves, a big improvement.

pretty much bro @fyn i think way back then its more like Hardcore Farming XD aahah,

Mostly, yeah. Aside from the Nether (Which still took a while to be introduced; about a half-year) the only way you could really get riches was by farming and participating in events.