How long will the maintenance last?

When will we be able to get back in the game?

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(I am not a developer or anything related to that, but)
Should last about 30 Mins to an hour or a few hours if it’s serious.

I wanted to buy epic pwr :sob:

I wanted to buy a stoopid heavy pickaxe for my small brother. /sad

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rip small brother :cry:

Press F to pay respects

I heard it’s a rollback, so gonna last for a bit guys

rip little 10 yo

Wut rollback?!? How the. I’ve never heard of a rollback in pwe just gt every like nano second because of hackers

Rollback hasn’t been confirmed

They’ve done a rollback in the past, but it rarely happens

But still :open_mouth: I’ve never seen a rollback inside pw

Its only happened once before when players hacked several thousand items in the game pw had a 3 day roll back

This one isn’t that worse so I think 1 day rollback is fine, since the items are known unlike the previous one lol

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it been 9 hours and this aged like a milk

they said it will last the weekend

14 hours. I’m dying, please bricks finish it fast, I don’t have much time left.

I’ll pray for you, bruddah.


Noooo rollback, I will lose the large angler I fished 2 days ago!!1

its still maintenance or no?

I just woke up, hows is it?