How many dual maces i got from 25 ox statues?

Hello guys , i made a new video breaking 25 golden ox statues, i wasted 5-6 wl for each statues, lets see how many maces did i get? Hope you enjoy the video, also sweetheart sword giveaway at 500 subs!


I’ve checked out your videos for the first time.
I love how you didn’t actually add intros to your videos.

The music reminded me of MrSongo but all is clickbait-free!

Keep up the good work!
And thanks for sacrificing off your wls for content.

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thanks brother , im bad at editing :pleading_face::sweat_smile:, im trying my best and yes , ncs songs are best for gaming videos!

You will improve somehow.

Check tutorials on how to edit
Add thumbnails (if I’m wrong, I didn’t saw the video had thumb nails)
Add outro (optional)

The cutting was already really good, but It needs more adjustments and video plannings.

Good luck.

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If you already have a background music which is the NCS music, I believe, Turn off your in-game music. Otherwise, nice content.

You can remove in-game music by turning off your SFX and GFX music at in-game settings.


thanks for advice brother!:slight_smile:

thanks for advice :slight_smile:

That’s cool. I prefer keeping my ox than breaking them :rofl:


wait wha----t i use this song in my video that i just finished

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