How many of you

Play on PC via Steam?
Just wondering, cause I haven’t seen that much PC players…

I mainly play on pc.

Mobile player here! Hehe!

I only play on pc cus i have more Mobility and more ez to control the movement

In my experience the game has a lot more mobility on phone, in fact for most people parkour will be easier on phone.

But this makes the game way better than phone does just because you can move, jump and hit all with no issues at the same time.

I play on mobile when I’m not at home or need to do something quick for the day like picking up daily gifts.
Everything else is on PC

I play both on mobile and PC. I play on PC when I have access to my PC or when I’m at home, but when I’m outside or just want to play while laying down etc I’ll play on mobile. for controls I kinda like the mobile cause I often store items to storage and tapping is faster than dragging the mouse in my opinion, for fishing I like the PC version way more than mobile.

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I play from the steam(99% of time)
Before i got steam, i was playing in Microsoft store version

Are you kidding me?