How many players does pixel worlds have rn?

Im really curious on how many players are playing pixel worlds now, i see that we can only see the players on steam but i cant find any source on mobile anybody know?

I can say maybe 7M+ or more (or less) because 3 years ago they earned 2M players so yea. Btw welcome to the forums mate.

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Hmm do you have any source for it? Anyways Thanks mate.

The only source I have is the video saying they have 2M players (3 years ago) so I just estimated it based on their rate of gaining new players. For more info, they got all of that in a year so yea. Here it is:

Well thanks a lot mate.

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no problem

Also for more information, you are required to type at least 20 characters in a mssg so you cannot just type “ok” so ppl jusst type (20 characters)

Alright sorry for that mate atleast now I know Thanks a lot.

the amount of players playing is definitely not 7M. it wouldn’t surprise me if that was close to the amount of downloads, but definitely not the amount of players. Steam, one of the games platforms, only has like 400 players average each day. as of this message, it’s at 179. i think it’s probably closer to around 4000 or less players online at any given time.

He is talking about generally, how many players is in Pixel Worlds (whether they are off or on)


and it’s still definitely not 7m unique players. 7m downloads is completely seperate. Besides, his thread asks “how many players are playing pixel worlds now” indicating he wants to know the amount of players online.

I interpreted playing Pixel Worlds now as how many are active, like play regularly nowadays rather than are online at this very moment but I dunno

Probs about 10k

Game slowly dying bruh.