How many players online?

I was see the active world, then i just saw people with 25 people is the most people there

Im trying to invite people in clan but i cant find people even in Pixel Station
#sorry for my grammar

Maybe you are at a Turkish/Indonesian downtime.
Thats when they generally sleep and a majority of the pmayers are Turkish or Indonesian.
(No discrimination.)

This is real. Moast of ppl are indonesian, turkish or finnish. I only met like 5 of my countrymates there lol.

what about me? Im also indonesian, and IM VERY BAD AT ENGLISH
thats why peoples called me childlish

Same im dansih and only see a handfull of danish ppl per month and most of time its only ppl that like tha flag but they arent danish

Imagine setting a country flag just 'cause you like it.

There are players from everywhere , US UK etc … The time zones is the issue there .

Turn up at pixel station 4 or 5 am Danish time…

But I also would say many more Asian players active than before

Another topic I have for that…

Exactly like arent you proud og your own flag smh