How many players use the forums?

I am aware that a small portion of the community use the forums but I was wondering what is the total amount of players who use the forums (both inactive and inactive accounts).

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I was thinking of asking this


but there are 1417 people in forums

We should get a appreciation for being the 1k ppl whos active in the forums

1k people made accounts, pretty sure 900 of them are gone

Only 1. Everyone here is one of my multiple alt accounts

They thought I was Ondrashek’s alt account in the beginning, now I am xeo? :disappointed_relieved:

Welll before i was only active in game, now i try to be active everywhere… discord, forums and in game… i rather the forums and be in game ngl…

only readers like TheShawen : Possibly 10
Readers and commenter like us : maybe around 10-20
Sometimes active: 10
Dead: hundreds


Well yea… consider also that people are in their job and also in school… but yea… i agree… forums are a bit dead…


Im not dead :)) yet…

forums aren’t really inactive, there aren’t much new faces here though, most of them joined here in december or month later

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People from the forums seems a bit intimidating imo that’s probably why there’s less new faces around. I only got the confidence to try this out now when there seems to be less updates or news about the game so I went here to see if there’s any only exclusive to the forums.

True, I have 10 newly created accounts, just out there.