How many worlds do you guys have?

That pic was taken somewhere in 2020 February.

Little did I know that it will lead to this.
Good luck for world hunters.

Only locked worlds.
If we stay to talk about the worlds locked with locks and not wl , yeah , there are over 500 locked with sl only

eh around 140 worlds

Not that much

around 5000-6000

dayum can we see?

They aren’t world locked

i have like 7 locked worlds.

Oh how many are locked then?

World locked? 78

i own a coupla worlds (listed below)

  1. LARAMIE - my farm, named after Lars Barigga’s real first name
  2. LARISB - a redirect world made for those people who remember me by my username and wish to find me
  3. LARS - my main world which is always under construction for some reason
  4. MARIKINA - a decayed world which is now owned by me. Marikina City is the city I currently reside in.
  5. NOTLARS - I just made this world to get rid of my newbie lock.
  6. THEBIGDONUT - a world that you cannot enter, as I accidentally locked myself and everyone else by making a fan redirect portal
  7. THEGEEKYNERD220 - my old legacy world owned by my past account thegeekynerd220 (yeah ik cringy username)
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I own 81 worlds
One of the worlds in my world hologram is bugged and no longer in my possession, yet it still shows in my world hologram

  1. CELICS (Literally has a decayed lock, haven taken it)
  2. ASIAWORLD (My OG world, was locked from myself because I forgot my password)
  3. INCANDESCENT (Took from a decayed world)
  4. SHADOW_PIXEL (1-2 Years ago was about to make it my main world)
  1. FAZEUS (My current main world, unfinished though…)
  2. GLOOP (My unfinished farm world which i bought from Laris)

I own few more but i forgot their names and how i got them :skull:



Laugh in 1 page

15 worlds in total and around 20 small locked.

I got 682 that are world locked, and around 100-200 with small locks.

Alot more than 1 lmao

Around the same as ghustie