How much are worlds named "DEVASTATED" and "MAXIMIZED"?

I haven’t played for awhile so I would like to know the price.

Devastated enough to know the price :smirk:.

They’re quite expensive + real worlds, but I won’t be offering or giving prices since im bad at it.

Good luck!

Thank you for your help. Appreciate it.

Those worlds aren’t worth anything yet.

They are a little bit since those are real worlds, but your probably saying that because of the 5+ letters in a world?

And uh @Theoline , it depends too! Either if it’s clear, designed or just normal.

Well, I kind of want to know the price, but like people ain’t telling me. So yeah i need atleast like an approximate or something.

People can’t tell the price because you didn’t tell more Informations either if it’s designed cleared it something.

People in pw discord can give you the prices in just a matter of seconds too, join it if you want too.

ehm like verytall said you probs wouldn’t get anything they are versions of a word devastate might be 20wls but im not sure devastated would be worth anything