How much is this world worth?

Is this world worth 20 wls name oldcave

Good design & also a good world name so it’s worth it, in my opinion…

Ok , yes

Nearly thought your going to nominate this for WOTW

It has 400+ ratings btw

It has 400+ ratings…

You already said it. Don’t repeat yourself or I’m pretty sure it’s spamming
I renamed the title by the way. Don’t name your threads with dumb names, name it so people know what to do!

12 wls I think not many ppl buy parkours

it’s probably worth less but the time you took to build this is probably a long time so i think it’s worth 20wls

It may be worth 20 wls but nobody buys parkours unless they are cheap trust me freshy won’t find a buyer higher than 15 wls

That world looks dope

Yeah it’s worth at least 20wl. Good name and cool design, if you find the right buyer you could sell this for 50wls easily. Only few people want to buy a parkour world tho.

He probably sold it for 20 wls which is nice

No way nobody would buy this if you mean right buyer you might mean buyer who has no idea how prices work type of buyer

Meanwhile, woshibushi buying every parkour worlds for over 1 PL

Eh how do you know he buys them for over 1pl

He’s woshibushi, what else do you expect?

Well even extremely rich players will buy a world worth 30 wls for 30 wls not 1pl I had a guy with a DP not buying my lemon ring for 2 wls higher

Woshibushi did, period.

I like it, I think its worth it.