How much wls is ''Rich''

How many wls in this game is considered rich?

I don’t believe there is a definitive amount of world locks that makes you richer than others. All players are equal, and as long as you’re having fun, who cares.


There was pvp team tournament hosted by Raizens, in our team,every member of team got 50wls, it didn’t worth the time we spent to this but it was fun and playng mini games with friends.

2 wls and 5 soils‎‎‎‎‎

Really? Putting the fun factor aside, I’d consider 50 world locks per person a pretty good reward for participating in a PvP tournament.

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I would consider 10 pl rich 100 pl very rich 1000 pl godly rich

It’s is but the semi-finals were about 1 hour long, finals took about 2 hours plus it was really hard to find green bouncer shield during this event, and also we practiced alot with our team.

I don’t really see someone got alot of wls are rich beside world lock aren’t suppose to be the currency of the game. That’s why Jake introduce the PWE system.

They aren’t supposed to be but they still are

pretty true actually ngl

Well yes they’re still using world lock as the main currency for now because of the influence from other game. But Jake is encourage us to use bytecoin like you see the latest pw video.

I’d consider 100Pl+ to be “rich” in the game since wls are pretty easy to get now.

If some amount needs to be listed then 100 pls seems right if someone to consider himself as being “rich”.

s long as you have more wls than someone else, they will think yyour rich

3 hours still isn’t that bad, that’s 16+ world locks each hour.