How to avoid 20 characters?

How do yaall type less then 20 characters?

Simple. Put whatever gibberish you want in these brackets: < and >. Anything you put in there won’t actually show up, but it will stop the 20 character notice.

Without the hashtag on the front.
Trivia? Discourse supports html. In HTML the < and > symbols generally contain code inside, for example <#H1 > (without the space and hashtag) is used for Header size 1 and it can go up to a max of 6, with that outta the way,
Discourse tried to find which code you are referring to with all those letters, when it doesn’t find any, (and even if it does) it removes the <, > and everything inside them so you don’t see

sussy noob ඞ

Thank me later.


That doesn’t explain anything :rofl²:

this → <>

Yes god boy.
(I mean to show no superiority over others and do not mean to offend anybody)


How type <20 char?


I wouldn’t recommend trying to avoid the set limit or at least do so only once or twice. It is best to keep out of any threads in these forums if you have nothing of value to say. Not to mention that these short answers don’t give any room for a discussion to continue.


pop pop

should i say:
i agree
i agree with every single beautifull word that you’ve said in this conversation that someone started to us to talk.

That would fall under usage of once or twice, but you could rephrase the second part as conversations should go like playing tennis. The ball has to keep bouncing from one side to another. Otherwise, the discussion will be dead in the water.

ok .


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