How to avoid poisoned BC

I want to get back into playing PW, but I want to avoid selling my items for “poisoned” BC. How do I make sure that the BC is legit?

I want to avoid this:

All I’m trying to say is, is that there isn’t a workaround to everything. This would be one of those things you can’t avoid. Now please, don’t start an argument.

So I can get poisoned BC and then permanently banned no mattee what?

No. Everyone on this forum has poisoned BC, and some aren’t banned, like me. They stopped perma banning people. I think it’s because of how much people that was getting banned and started complaining about it.

I do not have poisoned BC because I haven’t logged onto my account for a while.

For how long exactly?

I think I haven’t logged on after like a month after the mass exodus of admins.

Then you probably don’t. Don’t login and sell or buy things if you don’t want poison bc.

i dont think you can get banned anymore

I want poisoned BC, sounds tasty.

Pecunia non olet

I make PWE orders a lot, so I hope I ain’t banned

a jet pack was stolen from me once. I forgot this person’s name

Please don’t post on old threads.
This is known as “Necrobumping”.

They really should put something like a warning when you’re about to reply to an old thread

I don’t have poisoned BC, not everyone has poisoned bc

And how is that?

You can’t have poisoned BC if you haven’t even been online for months :sunglasses: (Unfortunately for me I’ve been online lol)

And ofcourse if you didn’t trade

I mean that part is true, but everyone has logged on atleast and traded maybe once or twice. Of course this doesn’t go for the people that actually left the game, due to college or something like that.

Well I haven’t traded since 4 - 5 months.