How to by pass "Post must be atleast 20 characters long"

“Post must be atleast 20 characters long” kinda gets annoying when you’re replying to someone so I tried pasting invisible characters and it by passes it

Copy this: [‎‎‎‎‎ㅤㅤㅤ]


This breaks the forum…
You just gave spammers an idea.

How does it brake the forum? It just makes communicating easier. If they do use this to spam you can just flag their reply / post.

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The min 20 chars rule is an important one and I feel like bypassing it should be a warning for breaking the rule of spamming. It is there to ensure at-least some quality to discussions, instead of one word replies and just spam. If you want to reply to someone and that reply is under 20 characters, that means you should rather like their post instead.

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Liking can be very vague though. A like could mean that something is a good idea, that you’ll meet up with a person for a screenshot, etc.


Dev has explained why the rule exists and how you can use other methods to convey such a short message.