How to exchange bytecoins for gems?

Hello everyone. I want to know, how can i exchange bytecoins for gems? Trade with other people, or how?

People are selling “mgems” or “fgems” for BC. You can buy them, and they’ll give you gemstones/fish that you can sell for the amount of gems you bought.

ty, but i dont understand what is “mgems” “fgems”, on pwe i cant found it. Is “mgems” is gem pouches?

Mgems - gemstones and Fgems - fish.

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thank you so much bro

give me 10000000 bytes and i will give you 1000000 gems! + a kiss a cookie and a dollar :blush:

Don’t get scammed pls
ONLY buy Mining Gems (Mgems) and Fishing gems (Fgems) In Trade (you know the trade menu)
Then go to (it’s a trusted website, i always use it when buy gems)
Then input the amount and sizes of the fishes or gemstones and it’ll show you the amount of gems. (Ignore the bc count there, those are old prices.)
But if you don’t know how much bc you should put or you’re selling some yourself, just open calculator and do
69 ← Amount of mgems ÷ 2000 multiplied by 250
So it should look a bit like this
69 ÷ 2000 * 250
And you can replace the 2000 with the rate if it changed so you can do
69 ÷ 1900 * 250
Hope this helps.

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i know that ondrashek06 said the way to it but i wanna say the way for reverse
buy sun hammmer for 20k gems, and sell it for 2,300 byte+
normally 1 byte=10 gems but in this one 1 byte equals to 8,somethingsomething gems.

Sun Hammer will drop slowly until 2-3 wls (500-750 bc) by the end of the event tho, so you have to be careful with that method.

Buying items with gems and selling for BC can be profitable but the exchange rate moves with the item value

I’ve done this many times but you can get caught out…

At one time the replicator was giving back nearly 5k bc … I sold two!

This business of 1k gems is 100bc is just not true …

Also I use magnets quite a bit…

Depending on how gem rich i am I’m quite prepared to pull items worth 70bc. In the end gems can be obtained freely by adverts

As such one magnet :magnet: a day can be aquired for nothing!! Pls buying magnets at PWE bc prices is madness

If you have a VIP and enough gems a PWE machine is a good bet

Good luck

You can buy in worlds. I always sell like 750k and let them calculate everything. It is not that hard to tell which gemstone is bigger or smaller.

Yeah but for beginners I used to just buy different types and sizes of gemstones and then drop them in my world and stare endlessly at their size differences.
It’s mainly so they don’t get scammed by some random guy proclaiming he was selling 1.02 Million gems when it was actually like 100K :rofl:

It is investing in activities that eventually will result in gems that would be the best approach. For example, fishing and mining are significant sources of it, unless you are trying to get some in a quicker period than what it would take with the given approaches. Buying them in form of gemstones or fish is the only option to convert byte coins to gems then.

I just buy Mgems for 2k/250 then sell them for a rate like 1.9k/250 or 1950/250 but you need a good amount of bc for starting that.