How to Fix My Schedule?

Lately my schedule has been going really bad
From sleeping at 10 PM, 11 PM, 0 AM, 1 AM

Also I’m too lazy to write a schedule so that’s a problem, any ideas of how to fix my schedule? (If it actually requires me to write schedules maybe I’ll do it)

“The forums sure do have interesting threads”

Yay, im not the only one that has bad sleep schedule.

Like i go to sleep around

0.00am to 3.00am


sleeping at that time is normal for most teens ngl

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I’ve got chats with my boys at 4-5am, so thats fine lmao, I think its normal to go sleep late.

I sleep 10am and wake up around 6:00am.

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What you sleep 3:00 am? Your mom no care?

i usually sleep at 10 an wake at 6 am.

Just set a timer everyday at like 9 to get into bed

Yeah but I mean it’s pretty unhealthy, like it’s just 5 hours of sleep lol

The problem is I also suck at doing my classwork before 0 AM

skip sleeping for one night so you’ll be tired enought to go sleep early the next night

We dont talk about why

i will maybe tell later

We talk about when

And do that every other night :sunglasses:

Drink coffee at midnight it helps
Drink tea on the morning
Or drink red bull on 11 pm

Become a black man.

Drink milk to sleep early.