How to improve the "Best Set" feature

I’ve been hearing a lot of people talk about how the update was lackluster, so I decided to give some things that I or others have suggested all put into one thread.

The fact that they are working on other things isn’t much of an excuse, as it never hurts to improve upon older features instead of adding new things that will usually lead to more game-breaking bugs that they’ll take months to address to their poor communication. Additionally, these changes would be pretty easy to implement.

  • Skip vote feature, you have up to 10 skips each voting session
    I mean Jesus, it’s insane how many people don’t even try to match the current theme.

  • 2nd and 3rd place who get lesser rewards and no trophy (4th and 5th might work too, but they could be honorable mentions if that’s too much)

  • The ability to see the top 10-25 sets and their total votes when the voting session is over

  • More descriptive themes in the future, or more than one color if all else fails


I’m pretty sure people intentionally submit sets that don’t really match the theme because they think they’re being “cute” or “funny”

Either that or they literally can’t read — at least they know they won’t win

I’m pretty sure some of the really noob entries are just new players who didn’t know what they were doing or where they were XD

The first contest that’s was in the game I submitted me in my RoboChick set. I didn’t see the word BLUE so I didn’t know. Luckily my friend told me

Blue was only first week’s theme, in official video there was theme set to “Party” this week’s
Theme Is “Valentine” i think Its enough “descriptive”

Skip voting was mentioned at Jake’s stream, saying it may get disadvantages on it (using an alt to skip the vote and will vote for their set, or just skipping everything)

Agreed with 2 & 3

Tricolor themes is going to be messy.

What even are the odds of finding your own set? There’s tons of players who play, and many with the same mindset that the offchance you do find your own set, it’s not like that person would have won regardless. If anything, just reduce the amount of skips.

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I think I can agree for 2 and 3 but I don’t about 4 though.