HOW TO MAKE 50K BC IN 1 HOUR | Pixel Worlds Game

How clickbait can you make a video?


you think you’ll reach 1k subs in 1 hour?


Great content! keep it up! :smiley:

The editing was fabolous plus all the cuts were very well timed as the jokes in the video that made laugh harder than i ever have in my entire time of existence! :sparkles:

I can’t wait for your next astonishing youtube masterpiece ! :smiley:


SuBscirbe to Mea yutob acc Moose69420 to Winn 100k soiol

Giveaway finishes at 1l… 1ll… 1o subs… 1 subbs… 1000 subs… 1k subscribers

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All jokes aside, it’s kind of odd you don’t have any other stuff that are worth more and it seems like you’re giving away your only source of bytes, other than the scythe, of course. It’s actually nice you’re doing this! Unless you’re saying this just to get subs.

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