How to make ice cream cart in a row?

i know ice creams summer still long but how to make it?
i want to know i just make a world for ice cream karts in over few months
yea the kart spawn in random places makes it harder…
how to make it in a row
like in places where you can break karts
i love summer :smiley:
i mean not because school xD

What you do is, place props all around the world. Make sure there’s only 10 blocks without a prop. It will force the carts to spawn in those 10 spaces.

hmm rlly?
imma try this at summer

yes ive made a few ice cream worlds myself, but go to worlds like icebeach, hammerteam you will see only 10 blocks without a prop.

so everything you need place props?

You need to, place the props on top of blocks the carts can only spawn on blocks.

oh ok thx for info just saw wokun vid it was rlly helpful tysm

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